Is football the right fit?

Football obvious answer for BIC

CLAY TURNER – Hoof Prints Staff

I am in favor of football for the obvious fact that our entire high school is for it. I am constantly hearing about people going to the Manila football games all the time. If almost our entire student body is open to supporting the Manila team, I imagine they would be even more open if the team they were cheering for was actually stationed at their own school.

This isn’t even factoring in the people that have distance as an issue for getting to the games. This includes people that simply don’t have rides or people that just don’t feel like going to another town to watch a game.

Also, if you actually have people, especially boys of age, that are in favor of it and will play it, you have to factor in the amount of fans that come to support them anyway. Family members, friends, girlfriends, or maybe just lovers of the game include this group. I know that the basketball games I go to are usually moderately packed for the amount of fans that come to cheer on their Mustangs.

Football is rougher than other sports and could teach our boys, and girls, about the essence of character and how it affects them every day. They could become more physically fit in the process as well. It would require every player to work their hardest through training drills and constant practicing to become the players the team needs.

Though, it may be an expensive sport what with the uniforms and the training equipment. But if you have people that are willing to give to the cause in the first place and fuel it with what it needs to survive, why not?

BIC needs football. It won’t just benefit the boys that play but also the entire student body that may be in need of something to do on their nights off. So what’s taking us so long? Give to the student body what the student body wants.

Football can’t fit the bill

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Editor

For the past couple of years, there have been a few students that suggest our school needs a football team. In theory, a football team is not a bad idea. In our situation though, our school simply does not need a football team, nor is it feasible in my opinion.

For starters, we do not have enough support or enthusiasm for a team. Only a few have expressed interest in a team. If enough people wanted our school to have a team, and enough people were willing to participate, there wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

Recently, people tried to start a chess team. The school decided that not enough people were interested in a chess club, so it didn’t have the opportunity to form. If a chess club, which requires minimum participation and support, is not able to have a chance at our school, then it is highly unlikely that a football program would.

Also, the expenses for a football program would be surreal. It is definitely not cheap to sustain a football program, not considering starting one. We would have to build a field for the team. We would have to buy equipment. We would have to buy uniforms. We would have to hire a new coach. The list of expenses goes on and on and on. In case people have forgotten, the economy is still in a recession. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe our school is trying to cut back and maintaining a tighter budget. Having a football team is the opposite of our goal.

In addition, our school is simply too small. We do not have enough interested students to make a team. Many of the students that are interested in it are also involved in basketball, baseball, golf and track. They may even be in other organizations such as robotics or Future Farmers of America. To put it simply, students already don’t have enough time as it is. When would the average student be able to swing football practices and games? The answer is they wouldn’t be able to. The involved student has enough to juggle without something else being thrown in.

In conclusion, football just won’t mix at our school. It would be too hard to pull off a decent program with too little rewards. Why try to strain our school and students even more? It can’t and won’t fit the bill.