Homecoming – time honored tradition or time for a change?


Within our student body, you will find that students, even though they are united by that blue and silver spirit, will still have differing perspectives.  This section cleverly titled, “2 Horses, 1 Print,”  is dedicated to the discussion of issues that affect not only students in general, but more importantly, us, the Mustangs of BIC. Regularly, two members of the journalism staff will each write a column displaying their stance on an issue. In most cases one will probably be for a change while the other will be opposed. The two columns will be displayed together so each student will be able to form their own opinions about each issue. This stampede of ideas will hopefully create interesting discussion and possibly create positive change in the process.

Homecoming: paradise lost?

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Editor

Homecoming is a tradition that can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Its creation was the result of wishing to honor respected alumni annually. From this basic concept, our own homecoming has unfortunately gone astray.

As it is commonly known, for the past two decades our junior and senior homecomings have been held on separate nights. The first time we had homecoming on two nights instead of one was when Monette and Leachville consolidated. The junior campus usually holds their homecoming a month or two earlier than the senior campus. If we truly wish to honor our alumni and former residents, then why do we make them attend two separate nights, months apart, and even on separate campuses? This is simply foolish on our own part.

Not only is it foolish, but it is inefficient. Having homecoming on two separate nights creates a discrepancy in the master schedule. If we were to have one homecoming that encompasses both the junior and senior campus, then the entire school district would run more smoothly. Let’s face it; homecoming week is anything but smooth, so naturally a transition to make it smoother would be beneficial to all. For example, homecoming week is full of activities that takes students out of class, meaning that the teachers’ lesson plans have to change. If we had homecoming one night, both campuses would be in sync in activities. Not only that, but it takes fewer students away from classes.

With only one place to decorate for one night, then the number of students needed to decorate is cut in half. Equally important, the price is cut in half.  Having two homecomings is by no means cheap. On some occasions, the junior high homecoming has been even more expensive than the senior high homecoming and even prom. I don’t see the point in spending money frivolously when there is an acceptable solution.

Our usual method also makes it more difficult for the coaches to schedule games. We have both the junior and senior teams play at both events meaning both master schedules must bend to the homecoming game. If we just had this on one night, our coaches would have an easier time, our teams would have a more enjoyable time, and our students would be more involved in the games as a whole.

The coaches would have an easier time since there will be less scheduling conflicts, and they can put all their eggs in one basket so to speak. The teams would have a more enjoyable time because that homecoming night will be the game of the year. They would know that the stands would be full since you have crowds from both the junior and senior campuses that may not come otherwise if on two separate nights. This also means the girls on the homecoming court will enjoy it since they will have more eyes on them.

Some may argue that two nights would let them each have their own night, but in retrospect, that feeling the maids, princesses, and queens will feel on court will be exactly the same if not more sentimental as a unified school instead of separate campuses. All of this adrenaline and build-up is from the exclusivity of one night being the night of nights. When we have two nights, it just waters down the entire atmosphere, not to mention it strains school spirit.

We must be honest with ourselves. The reason we have it on two nights instead of one is based solely on one reason,  tradition. Ironically enough, this shouldn’t even be considered a tradition. Both the Monette Buffaloes and the Leachville Lions had it on one night until consolidation. The reason they had it on two nights was most likely because of location differences, but at the same time it still sends out this signal. It almost says that those from Leachville and Monette are different, separate and even exclusive instead of the Mustang spirit we should have. We could even have each year as a rotation on which campus is able to hold homecoming. This method would build spirits in the way that the Olympic rotation builds spirit and even fuels creativity.

In my mind, there is no doubt homecoming could be a better experience. I only hope we are able to embrace change instead of snub it.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

KAYLA STACY – Hoof Prints Staff

When homecoming first began, it was held on one night. This was also when it was the Monette Buffaloes and Leachville Lions. After the consolidation, the administration decided to have it on two nights.This is due to the fact that junior high is on the Leachville campus and senior high is on the Monette campus.

The whole thought of changing homecoming back to one night seems senseless to me. Why change it back to one night when it has been on two nights for approximately 25 years? It has become a tradition and once a tradition is started, it is hard to change.

Time is another consideration. It normally takes about 30 minutes for the students to walk out. The combined homecomings would take close to an hour to two. Then you have the ballgames. By the time the first ballgame is done, everyone would want to leave.

The girls wouldn’t have the spotlight as long as they want either. We all know that the main thing homecoming is about is the girls and the spotlight. Some people go for the games, but in reality, it’s about the spotlight. If we had homecoming on one night, then the girls would have to hurry up, walk out on the court and be seated. The time that they get to stand on the court and look all pretty has been cut down.

Another issue with the one night idea is the amount of space. As of right now the junior high homecoming decorations where the girls sit takes up about a fourth of the bleachers. At senior high the whole student section is taken up. If we combined these two homecomings, then one whole set of bleachers would more than likely be taken up for decorations alone, depending on what gym we use.

Next, you have the princesses, maids and queens. On both campuses you have one queen, three princesses and the rest are maids. If we have both homecomings in one night, will we just have one queen or two?

So I think we just need to keep it on two separate nights. If it’s not broke, DON’T fix it!