Homecoming royalty, events announced

Disney theme chosen for dress-up days


Camden Metheny

Homecoming royalty, from left: sophomore representatives Lizette Vasquez, Molly Hart and Cadyn Qualls; junior representatives Avery Uthoff, Stephanie Atchley and Lexie Ray; senior princesses Ashley Field, Samantha Gipson and Natalie Campbell.

Shyla Clayton

Disney is invading homecoming. Blaire Wildy, Student Council president, was given the job of choosing the dress up days for homecoming week. The homecoming ceremony will take place between the junior and senior basketball games on Jan. 29 in the MAC. 

It may appear as a simple task, but actually takes a lot of time and consideration. This year’s homecoming week dress up days will be based off of Disney ideas.

Monday is Monsters U Day, Tuesday is Disney Park Day, Wednesday is Ohana Day, Thursday is The Nightmare Before Homecoming, and Friday is Sleeping Belles and Beaus Day.

“I talked to some of my friends about what they would want to do,” she said, “It came up Disney hasn’t ever really been done before. After we decided that, we did some research to see what different things we could do that would tie in with Disney.”

Blaire’s favorite movie when she was younger was “Monsters, Inc.” When “Monsters University” came out, Blaire was ecstatic.

Since high school students are thinking about college choices, she thought it would be a great idea to tie the two concepts together.

“It would be a easy one for everyone to have their favorite college t-shirt,” she said. “It’s also a way to show others where you plan to go to school.”

Blaire thought it would be fun to do Disney Park day because the school will be like Disney World. It also will give students a wide variety of costume choices.

She did Ohana day as a throw back day to bring back Lilo and Stitch. The Nightmare Before Homecoming is the classical spirit day with a twist.

“That one is different because we normally have school spirit on Friday and the princesses cannot go all out because they have to get ready,” she said. “So I decided to do spirit day on Thursday. With “The Nightmare Before Christmas” being a Disney movie and the “Walking Dead” being so popular I thought it would be fun to throw in that you would dress as zombies but show school spirit.”

Then Sleeping Belles and Beaus is the classic pajama day, which will give the girls a break before they have to get dressed up for homecoming.

“Who doesn’t want to wear pajamas on Friday,” Blaire said. “We have a big night that night, so why not keep it laid back.”

In addition to the dress-up days, homecoming representatives were also chosen this week. Sophomore representatives are Lizette Vasquez, Molly Hart and Cadyn Qualls. Juniors chose Avery Uthoff, Stephanie Atchley and Lexie Ray. Senior princesses are Ashley Field, Natalie Campbell and Samantha Gipson.