Gavin Anderson


Camden Metheny

Gavin Anderson, senior

Cadyn Qualls


“I’ve always liked learning new things and exploring stuff. I enjoy going to places I’ve never gone before and seeing new things. I developed a passion for exploring nature when I was young. I’ve lived on a gravel road since first grade and grew up not having many other kids around me. Most of my neighbors stayed busy, so I decided I could go about by myself. As I got older, I’d go walking. I started by just walking to the end of the road with my mom, but eventually started walking alone to the bridge by my house. Then, I decided to go into the woods lot also by my house and explore it -along with the abandoned trailer that was there- to see what all was in it. I like to discover new things. One time I was looting around the bridge by my house and found a homemade machete. All you have to do is look around and you may just find really cool stuff, anywhere. It just takes a canine’s treasure hunting skills.”