Destany Ballard


MJ Ivy

Sophomore Destany Ballard with a few of her many hermit crabs.

MJ Ivy


“We started out with four and now we have eight all together. It all started when we went on vacation to Florida and decided to buy two hermit crabs apiece so we could have four between the two of us. We tried to name them at first but it became too hard to tell them apart. We kept them separate in the beginning, but now they all stay at my house since I have a bigger tank. I share them with my friend Hannah and she comes over, and we clean out their cage, play with them and feed them coconut shavings that we buy from Petco. It’s really cool because they have an obstacle course that they run on. We don’t plan on getting more than eight because it’s really hard to keep track of so many. We have had four pass away so far and we just put them in a ziploc bag so they don’t stink and throw them out. It’s sad when they die but in the end, it’s really fun to have hermit crabs because it’s not a pet that everyone has, they are unique.”