English students get a taste of medieval life


Students in Ms. Tracey Yates’s English IV class got to sample a variety of medieval dishes on Friday. The class held a medieval food fest to round out their studies of The Canterbury Tales. Ms. Yates provided the students with authentic recipes from the period, complete with instructions in both modern English and Middle English. The students brought in dishes such as flampoyntes (a pork and cheese pie), makerouns (noodles and cheese), gourdes in pottage (squash cooked with pork) and gyngerbrede (a mixture of honey and bread crumbs). Many of the dishes had unusual spice combinations, which took some getting used to by the classes. “It was different, but it’s good to try new foods,” said Shawna Cole. “It was unique,” said Dalis Harlan.

Pictured are Dalis Harlan and Katherine Clowers.