Embracing his inner band nerd

day at BIC for Dr. Charles Page includes conducting the senior band before heading over to work with his junior high band students.

ASHLYN PACE – Hoof Prints Staff

When people think of a typical band director the characteristics they normally assume are
funny, nerdy, and friendly. BIC’s newest band director is in fact, all of those things.

“I was just a band nerd; I’ve always been a band nerd,” he said.

He was such a band nerd that he pursued a doctorate in music education. Dr. Page went to the
University of Kansas to pursue a degree in what he loved most, only to realize later that he would end
up with more than he bargained for.

“I was working in the music library at the University of Kansas and I actually thought she was
coming to steal my job,” said Dr. Page.

He met his fiancé while working one day in the music library and the next night they were
having dinner. His fiancée, Sarah Labovitz, is the associate director of band at Arkansas State University
and the director of athletic bands. Needless to say, they both know their music.

Last spring, Dr. Page and his fiancé both applied for directing jobs at colleges and ultimately
decided that whoever got hired for a job first, that’s where they would move. Sarah was the one who
got the job at ASU so off to Jonesboro they went.

“One of Sarah’s co-workers told me about a job opening here so I applied, when I got the job it
was very exciting, I’m glad to be working here,” Dr. Page said.

Dr. Page is not just another typical teacher. He is sometimes compared to a Chia Pet because he
has a way of growing on people and students look forward to seeing him every day.

“He’s awesome, I really like him,” senior Patsy Orozco said.

Whether it’s when he’s walking his dog Sadie, or playing video games, Dr. Page always has band
on the mind and is looking forward to a great school year.

“I really care about everybody and I want us all to work together to have the best year possible”
Dr. Page said.