Doris Willyerd


Stephanie Atchley

High school counselor Doris Willyerd

Stephanie Atchley


“It works better if I can pace myself. I guess the part that gets to me is when I feel like there is a deadline coming up and I feel like the students need me. That bothers me because I feel like I am torn between my want to help the students and yet I feel the pressure of that deadline.  I try to take care of the students during school because I know that they’re just here from eight to three. I try to take care of them while they are here, and then after they leave, that’s when I try to get done the work that I need done. I do stay late almost every day and come up on Saturdays. I do stay busy, but anytime a student comes in for something I try to drop what I’m doing and help the student. That’s what I enjoy doing most.”