Cody Edgar


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Cody Edgar

Joanna Perez


“I chose to take on the responsibility of coaching the soccer team partly because nobody wanted to, and I wanted the head coaching experience, and I’ve always liked soccer. We had a lot of good kids that wanted to play and didn’t have an opportunity so I wanted to have a sport for them.

“As far as coaching, I have an advantage because of basketball. I have really good knowledge of the game, and I have a lot of energy and passion with both sports. I’m young so the kids can relate to me because if I get really into them about something, they’re more likely to do it.

“The best thing about coaching boys is that they’re easy to relate to. The hardest thing is managing the personalities because in every sport you have your divas and you have to worry about catering to certain people.  What works for one guy may not work for the other so you have to figure out their personality and what’s the best way to get them to perform at the highest level.

“In general, I want my teams to be tougher and more physical than the others. I think that in whatever sport you’re playing like soccer or basketball, the tougher team usually wins. We have a lot of young guys and I want that talent to develop to where next year when it’s time to be able to qualify for state tournament, we’ll be a shoo in for it.