Zachary Bollinger


Shyla Clayton, Mustang Yearly Editor

“I started reading in Junior High because of a movie called Eragon; it didn’t finish the story and that annoyed me. So, I decided to get the books and read them instead of waiting for the other movies to come out. I have loved reading ever since. My favorite type of book has to be adventure and action. I’ve read so many books that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I would probably say Rot and Ruin. Rot and Ruin is about people in a secluded town that have to find a job at 16. Tom is a zombie hunter. He goes out and kills zombies for families when they finally get the courage to kill them. Benny, his younger brother, eventually joins him as an apprentice because he can’t find any other job. It goes on from there but I don’t wanna’ spoil it. The book I am currently rereading is the Percy Jackson series. I only read at school so now I can read about a book a week.”