Young BIC Talent Expresses Herself on Stage


Kelly Mendez, Writer

BIC Fourth Grader, Zaylee Stewart, has branched out and joined a local community theater in which she can demonstrate her talent. She began acting at the Jonesboro Foundation of the Arts in May of 2021, when she earned her first role in the play, “The Little Mermaid,” in which she got to act alongside her father. She has since earned a new role in the play, “Annie Jr.” which was performed in October of this year.
Stewart had to compete against 100 other children that were auditioning for the same play. “We were told there were over 100 kids that auditioned and I didn’t think I would make it”, said Stewart. Despite her worries, she was able to secure her place in the play, and was able to perform in “Annie Jr.” This led to a new passion for the budding performer, who now wants to take on as many roles as possible.
Although Stewart said that she  finds getting her timing correct difficult, she has learned to love theater because she gets to find new friends and act in front of an audience. The Theater program has been a great source of community for the young actress, who has got to experience a new social group through this activity.
“I look forward to many more productions in the future.  I absolutely love them and typically by the end of each production, I  can sing every song and say every character’s lines by memory,” said Stewart.
Stewart is currently preparing for the next role that she aspires to fill, and will try out for the part in December.