“Valentine’s Day” offers a few surprises

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Staff

The much publicized “Valentine’s Day” opened in most theaters on Feb. 12. Many people had mixed feelings anticipating this movie. With its massive ensemble of a-list celebrities, people wondered if the movie would be a flop. General opinion about these types of movies is that the script and plot will have many holes since too much focus would be placed on the actual actors. Others though felt that the movie would be a hit with such a heavenly collaborative effort.

The plot of this movie involved the different experiences that people have on the legendary day of love. As you would imagine, some experienced blissful and even unrealistic moments of pure romance. Even the characters that were supposed to despise this holiday eventually end up with some sort of partner. In that retrospect, I was disappointed. I understand that these sappy films are usually unoriginal. I also understand the normalcy of having a tied happy ending for all, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have been different.

I may not have been impressed with the romantic aspect of the movie, but the comedy was up to par. With a range of subtle, witty humor to some cruder forms of humor, it was guaranteed that most audiences would be pleased. One moment in particular at the very end of the film will definitely catch most people off-guard. It is a cleverly wrought joke that will have most rolling on the ground.

The actual performances of the actors varied. Taylor Swift, the popular country-pop star, was the worst thing that happened to cinema history. Her debut in this film could be described as fake, annoying and even tiresome. If we are lucky, this will be the only appearance in a film made by this overrated teenage star. Others, such as Queen Latifah, played their parts marvelously. Many fans of the classic actors and actresses will be appeased.

Overall, I thought the plot was okay. Much of it was predictable though. There was one surprise that some will find interesting. I will have to give this movie a “neigh.” Yes, the movie was enjoyable to an extent, but I would recommend other films that aren’t so stereotypical.