“V” just another sci-fi series

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Editor

“V” is a science-fiction television series reimaged from the 1983 miniseries.  The premise of this show lies in our planet finally receiving contact with extra-terrestrial life-forms. These beings are simply referred to as “visitors” from which the title of the production stands for. The visitors resemble humans, but some could say they are a better version of us at first glance. Every visitor is attractive, charismatic, and has a perpetual tranquility. They came to our planet declaring peace and offering a learning experience. They wished for our planet and their planet to become better acquainted with each other and for each to benefit in several ways.

At first, the whole situation seems ideal. One of the priests in the city went as far as to say it was “God-sent.” These creatures lifted the spirits of humans everywhere. They also healed those who seemed helpless due to our lack of technology and advancement in medicine. Over the period of a day, these aliens had won the popularity of the majority of the inhabitants of our planet.  Some saw this as suspicious though.

Erica Evans, an FBI counter-terrorism agent, is a woman who is leery of these visitors. She can see that some of the recent activity linked with terrorists can be connected to the involvement of these visitors. She continues in her job and later unravels a larger conspiracy involving these so-called “saviors.”

While she is experiencing first-hand some of the hidden activities that are orchestrated by the visitors, her stereotypical, bad-boy son, Tyler Evans, is becoming part of the movement of idolizing these visitors. Through propaganda, the visitors have become the new fad and cause for many rebellious teens. To make matters worse, Tyler is slowly falling for a visitor that appears to be his age.

The plot thickens even more when Chad Decker, a highly unappreciated journalist, is seen as being sympathetic with these visitors. While other journalists drilled these beings with questions, Chad told people to back off and give them an opportunity to explain themselves. Anna, the leader of the visitors, notices this action. She soon makes an offer for Chad to be the first journalist to have a one-on-one interview with her. She continues to offer that all news and communication dealings could go directly through him. Chad is elated at the offer and sees an opportunity to catapult himself into fame. He is soon shocked though when Anna refuses to be interviewed if any of his questions seems negative concerning the visitors. Normally, Chad would not compromise his principles, but his hunger for fame keeps him from saying no.

The special effects of the pilot episode were high-rate. I compare the quality to that of what you see at the cinema. The beginning was a bit slow though.  The first 15 minutes were spent showing the aliens descend upon the Earth. After a while, it just got old. We understood the concept and importance of contact with extra-terrestrials. Another problem I had with the episode is how much of the plot was revealed in the first episode. I personally believe it revealed too much. The first episode should show just enough to get a viewer hooked, not give the important details of the series. The plot, even though it is well thought-out, is predictable. I really don’t see much of the difference between this sci-fi series and the thousands of other series about aliens.

There was something I did find very interesting about this series though. The series itself has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Some sources have claimed that the show is an allegory to the Obama administration. When the director and actors of this series was confronted, they denied an intentional agenda. Of course, people are still skeptical.

Even though the pilot episode was cutting-edge and the aspect of a controversy makes the series even more interesting, I have to give the show a rating of “neigh.” From what I have seen, I believe that the series will not hold the interest of today’s viewers. Within a few episodes of the drudgery of the predictable story-line, people will be bored. Not only that, but the acting seemed a bit over-done at parts.