Updated Cafeteria Food Change Sparks Mixed Student Opinions


Lilly Boyd

BIC High School has recently made a big change to the food served in the cafeteria. As of August 2022, the cafeteria has switched food companies from Sysco to Keith co. This change, however long-awaited, seems to produce mixed feelings among the students.


Some students, like 11th grader Austin Rodriguez, are dissatisfied with the quality of the new food. “I miss the curly fries,” said Austin, “The fries now are bland.” Contrary to popular belief, many other students seem to share the sentiment, saying that a lot of the food, like the fries, have become a little blander as a result of the lunch changes.


There are many other students who believe the food quality has barely changed from last year. “Not much is better about the new lunches,” said 10th grader Jesalynn Talavera, “Most of it is meat, and as a vegetarian I’m having to just bring my own lunch because there are even less options for me now.” Since school first started, there have been very little vegetarian or vegan options. Now, due to the lunch change, there are more narrowed choices.


Eighth grader Houstin McClellan, however, believes that the food is a lot better this year. “I like the new lunches. The food tastes better overall.It has been a good change”, said McClellan.


Freshman Wyatt Stroud is also a big fan of the new lunches. “I think the cafeteria has more diverse options this year. We now have a salad bar, and that is really popular. People like having more options instead of the same old thing everyday. Last year if you didn’t like hamburgers or chicken sandwiches, you didn’t have a lot of other things to pick from.”


Another thing that has changed due to the new cafeteria service is the second chance breakfast, now offered before the second period. Stroud said that this is a great thing for hungry students.


“Students who play sports first period don’t have a chance to get breakfast, so it’s great that they get to grab breakfast instead of going hungry all day. It’s also great for kids who maybe got to school too late to eat. It’s better than waiting until noon to eat lunch,” said Stroud.


While the student body seems a bit split on their opinions overall of the current cafeteria menu, things do seem to be trending in the right direction for students to be able to receive a nutritious, yet budget friendly meal at school.