Touch a Truck



Carmen Besharse, Journalist


For the second year, BIC and other surrounding schools have partnered up and helped with the Touch A Truck event at the NEA Baptist hospital in Jonesboro.


Touch a Truck is a public event to raise money for the Hope Circle in coordination with the NEA Baptist Hospital and  the Miracle League of Jonesboro. Many games and activities are set up in the hospital parking lot for children to enjoy. Different types of vehicles and types of transportation are also present including trash trucks, fire trucks, police cars, and helicopters. The National Guard had a blow up obstacle course as well.


This year, it was hosted by the Nettleton EAST program on September the 17th from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. Overall, it was a successful day with a large turnout.


“This was the 2nd year for the event, and our BIC EAST program has helped out by organizing games for the kids. We created Disney cars out of cardboard boxes that children could get into and run an obstacle course. We also had a bean bag toss game,” said Jill Sanders, BIC EAST Coordinator.

Many other surrounding schools participated in this event as well, including Riverside and Harrisburg.


Students were also involved in advertising the event. A video was shared on social media by many of the students. A senior, Alex Talavera was even able to speak on live radio about the school’s involvement.


Though it was considered a project, students were not forced to take part in the event. Instead, students eagerly volunteered to do so. Most were also glad they did as they gained something out of the experience themselves.


I loved seeing all of the kid’s smiling faces. It was a fun day for all,” said  Sanders.


 The BIC EAST class looks forward to participating in the project again next year.