They walk alike, they talk alike

Lauren and Sarah Roddy

MORGAN BARNES – Hoof Prints Staff

“I never feel alone. If there isn’t anyone else to talk to, I always have her,” Sarah said. “I’m never without anyone.”

That is only one of the many reasons Sarah Roddy is proud to be a twin.  Her sister Lauren feels as though she can talk to her sister about anything.

“I can tell her anything,” Lauren said. “I don’t have to tell anyone else.”

When secrets or heartfelt talks need to take place, there is no doubt in Lauren’s mind about where to run – the bedroom next door.

One morning as the sisters woke up, they began to share their dreams from the previous night. Lauren was in shock as she listened to Sarah tell her the exact same dream she had just awoken from.

No only do they think alike when they dream but also when they participate in day-to-day activities.  Sarah and Lauren enjoy participating in pageants, golf and shopping. Although these sisters enjoy doing pretty much everything together and having a companion to run to, only one of them would like to have twins when they grow up.

“I can’t imagine what my parents went through,” Sarah said. “I think one would be plenty.”

Sarah appreciates everything her parents have done for her, especially caring for her at a young age while she cut teeth, cried, had sleepless nights and spit up all over them. Sarah doesn’t feel that she could handle the stress of two babies at once.

However, Lauren views this situation in a completely different way.

“I want twins so I can dress them alike for a very long time,” Lauren said.

Lauren also appreciates everything her parents have done for her.  As she was growing up, she didn’t really enjoy wearing the same outfits as her sister. After the first grade, they put a stop to that.  However, Lauren hopes to one day dress twins alike with cute designs and colors.

Since the twins didn’t dress alike very often through elementary, it was a challenge for them to switch identities.  They didn’t feel it was necessary to do so because they wanted to be themselves. As they grew older they began to realize the advantages of acting as one another.  Now if one receives a call from someone they would rather not talk to, they hand the phone to the other.

“No one ever realizes it isn’t really me,” Lauren said.

It isn’t unusual to always see these sisters together. When one goes, the other usually goes. Always being there for each other and standing by each other is what these sisters live by. They promise to stay together until it’s time to leave this world.

“I think if we came in together, we should go out together,” Lauren said.