The Wizarding World of BIC

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The Wizards will be performing high-flying feats such as this one from a previous game.

GREYDON WILLIAMS – Hoof Prints Staff

Wizards will be flying into Buffalo Island Central very soon. Sophomore class members are all selling tickets with a frenzy of anticipation for this event which will surely give students a reason to laugh at their teachers. The Harlem Wizards will be playing the Mustang Magic community team at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12 at the Mustang Athletic Complex.

Players for the BIC team range from former mustang basketball players to coaches, teachers, parents, and community members.

The Harlem Wizards, now in their 50th year, are a traveling entertainment basketball team. They are very similar to the Globetrotters, but they typically play at smaller areas such as a school. They are known for their “tricks, hoops, and alley-oops,” and fans are given an opportunity to interact with the players during the game.

The mind behind this magical basketball game is Tracey Yates, teacher at BIC and 10th grade class sponsor. She emailed the wizards after hearing about them on a Disney message board. The goal for this game is to be the only fund raiser in which the class of 2015 will have to do in order to pay for prom.

“If we get everybody selling their tickets like they are supposed to it should be more than enough,“ Yates said.

Some people may be wanting to go to the game just to see their teachers, coaches, friends, and family members make a fool out of themselves.

Mr. Steve Brummett is known to have a past in basketball himself. He played basketball in college and has told students over the years about his sports skills.

“It’ll be interesting to see him put his money where his mouth is” Yates said, referring to Brummett.

Coach Stan Fowler will be playing on the team and is well known for his sense of humor in games he has played in during his coaching career.

Fowler is glad that several members will be on the team that way there is less a chance for injury for some of the older members on Mustang Magic.

“Everyone will have a good laugh at us” Fowler said. “If an ambulance doesn’t make an appearance it’s a good night.”