“The Truth” about Jason Aldean


In this new age of technology and commercialism, entertainment constantly arises to please teenagers.  Some of these products are a success while others are not so fortunate.  This section titled “Straight from the horse’s mouth,” is dedicated to reviews from our staff on some of these forms of entertainment.  Our staff will primarily review movies, books, music, concerts, restaurants, and video games.  We will not limit ourselves to these categories, but those six categories will be the base of our reviews.  Overall, we hope to give helpful reviews so that others will know what to expect from these products.  Each review will either receive a “yay”  or a “neigh.” A “yay”, just as it implies, means that the reviewer suggests this.  A “neigh” means that the reviewer recommends to save yourself the time and the money.

LINDSAY RICE – Hoof Prints Staff

On October 8, Jonesboro welcomed Jason Aldean, Love & Theft, and Colt Ford with “Wide Open” arms. At 6:30 p.m., the line to enter was already having to wind around the outer edges of the grass surrounding the ASU Convocation Center to keep from flooding over into the street.

A fairly new band, Love & Theft, – who opened for Taylor Swift in 2008– was up first. With a sound, in my opinion, similar to Lady Antebellum, the band got the fans energized and on their feet. I don’t believe there was a single person not singing when Love & Theft performed “Runaway,” their lead-off single to their debut album “World Wide Open.”

Up next was Colt Ford. Ford is an up and coming superstar in the world of country music as well as hip-hop. Formerly a professional golfer, Ford has entered the business of country music, with a new twist. Matt Bjorke of Roughstock gave Ford’s new album a favorable review, saying that it was “an underground, indie rap album that recalls southern rapper Bubba Sparxxx.” In my personal opinion he is a very good performer and he kept the crowd interested, but I must say country rap just isn’t my cup of tea.

After his crowd-pleasing opening acts, Jason Aldean finally entered the stage to a sea of screaming fans. For the first time ever, Aldean and his band performed his new song, “The Truth” in person. He warned the audience that they would most likely mess it up, but as far as the rest of the crowd and I could tell, they performed it perfectly.

During the concert, a girl in the pit area had a sign that said, “Macie loves Jason.” When he saw this, he bent down, took the sign, hugged her, and proceeded to lie down on his stomach to be eye level with her and kiss her cheek. He then got to his feet and took the sign and propped it against the drum set for all to see.

It seemed that every song brought out the squealing fan girls. Especially his recent hit “Big Green Tractor” and older favorites such as “Why” and “She’s Country.” In honor of “Big Green Tractor” there was a big green tractor outside the red entrance of the Convocation Center.

Everyone who attended this concert definitely got their money’s worth, whether they were in the pit with Jason Aldean’s sweat dripping on them or way back in the upper level where the band just looks like Lego people. “Umm…it was amazing!,” one member of the audience commented. This concert definitely gets a “yay” vote from me.