The Covid-19, Classrooms, and the Changes that Come With It


Elijah Teeter, Writer

Since early March, each and everyone of us have been submitted to the confines of our homes, sitting and waiting for new information to be disclosed to us so we could continue our lives. Skip forward about 6 months and September is just getting started, while us students step forward into the new school year; the global pandemic Covid-19 is still prevalent in all of our lives, but we are pushing in the right direction for new light on this whole ordeal. All of us simply hope that tomorrow, we’ll wake up and everything will be right back to normal.

So here we are. How in the world did we get here, the second week of the school year with kids going in person during a global pandemic? “How does that work?” I hear you ask, well today we are going to take a look at what life is like for on-campus students at Buffalo Island Central High School. What changes are taking place? How are kids enjoying and handling school while staying six feet apart from each other? How do all the pieces of in-person learning take place in such an atmosphere? All of these questions will be answered right here, as we take a walk in the shoes of on-campus BIC Senior and Junior High students and how this turn of events has affected them.

From masks to make-up work, on-site students are getting a completely different kind of school experience. Schools have enforced an abundance of changes to keep students safe on campus and we’re only getting started. Kids are trying their best to social distance and they’re wearing their masks all day; but most importantly, they’re trying to have a learning experience, all while taking safety precautions.

Plenty of changes have been made to keep students safe this year, including BIC becoming nearly paperless: every assignment, essay, and worksheet are online and on a computer. Students are going in and out of a physical classroom, and also going in and out of a google classroom; regardless of whether or not they are on or off campus, students are slapping the keys of a keyboard and getting their work done. It’s an important step to keeping students safe while making physical interactions every day; it significantly reduces the risk of spreading germs. Not only that, it reduces the waste of paper on a daily basis. It’s a win-win situation. Nonetheless, it’s a big change for the way things work for students and faculty at BIC.

“It’s been a bit difficult to do everything online now because I’m so used to writing [papers] instead of typing them all day long,” said Alexandra Crosskno, a senior at BIC. The 2020-2021 school year is her first year at BIC. I asked her what the transition from schools was like in today’s climate. “Well, Covid-19 didn’t really affect my experience coming to BIC in a negative way. When it comes to masks and social distancing, it’s not that difficult. It hasn’t really hurt how I make friends.”

I asked her,“Compared to last year, would you say that this year is more difficult than last year due to Covid-19?”

“Well, my junior year was so stressful. I had to juggle cheer and school work; it was tough. Nonetheless, this school year has been a lot less stressful than the last.” Crosskno said overall, that this has been a great first year here at Buffalo Island Central.

Mallie Zielinski is a Junior this year who has had a bit of a different experience. When I asked if this year had been different than the last she said,“Absolutely. This year has already been such a difference compared to last year. School has been so much harder due to Covid. With everyone being on a computer, it’s so difficult to keep up with assignments and turn in work.” Even though school is very different and a bit more difficult, Zielinski said that things keep getting better. “I’ve had to learn how to keep up with multiple assignments in the day while navigating brand new technology and software. Adjustment has been hard, but every day seems to get better and better!” Mallie Zielinski has had some struggles starting this new school year and having to change so quickly, but she agrees that it is getting easier with each passing day.

With schools having to make such major changes, it was expected that there would be some technical difficulties. Regardless, the faculty at Buffalo Island Central have worked arduously to make this year the best one yet for it’s students. They’ve made the school a much safer environment for each and everyone of us, and the entirety of the school faculty has succeeded in making our learning experience better.

Although this school year has been completely different and more challenging than any year we’ve ever faced at Buffalo Island Central, the students and faculty have adjusted well to the changes that have been made. We have all adapted very well to the difficulties associated with everything going on right now. Whether it’s social distancing and keeping six feet apart or students keeping their masks on when they are told; even going from paper to paperless in a short amount of time, these students are ready for whatever is thrown at them. The people of Buffalo Island Central High School are rolling with the punches and making changes along the way to make sure that this year is the best one yet!

Here is a photo to go along with this article:
Caption: Sophomores Cason Rose and Ashtyn Hawkins log on to their laptops to begin their daily assignments.