Students Vote for the First Time


Lilly Boyd, Writer

As the November 2022 midterm elections approach, many students at BIC are hoping to vote, and to have a hand in deciding who gets to be in the government. Those excited hearts are finally getting a chance to take on one of America’s greatest responsibilities. 

Senior Kerri Enmon is among those who is eligible to vote for her first election, and she is eagerly waiting for the day she gets to cast her first vote. “Even though it’s just one vote, it’s still a lot, so your voice is heard. We fought for our right to vote, so we should use it,” said Enmon. Enmon is one of the many BIC students who has been taught and encouraged that it is a citizen’s duty to vote. 

Another first time voter is  Senior Wyatt Cornish, who said, “I think everybody should vote, because it’s our job as U.S. citizens.”Cornish went on to say it  is a way to participate in the democracy our ancestors fought hard to defend.

Early voting is currently taking place in Arkansas, and Election Day occurs on November 8th. While voting is considered an honor for these students, Arkansas regularly finishes among the worst states in voter turnout, suggesting that others don’t hold this responsibility with  a sense of honor. We hope to see more community members follow in the footsteps of these students, and participate in such an important community event.