Students share stories of Santa

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

The month of holiday spirit. The month of family gatherings. The month of giving and receiving. The month of truth. The month of December.

If a child was asked the question “what is your favorite month?” they would likely say December or the month of their birthday. These two months have one special detail in common, receiving gifts. However, their difference is in the month of December, when you receive one special gift from a jolly man named Santa Claus.

As a child, children tend to believe in Santa Claus, the man that delivers gifts to all of the well behaved children in the world on Christmas. But as the children mature, they start getting suspicious about Santa Claus or they just stop believing. The children that are suspicious usually ask the question dreaded by parents, “is Santa Claus real?” After the question is truthfully answered, some children are devastated or it just doesn’t bother them. BIC students share their moment of truth about Santa Claus.

Madison Finch

“I was seven when I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. My Christmas that year didn’t have the same kind of magical feel it did before. It was a week before Christmas and I was in my mother’s vehicle with all my family. I was talking to them about what I wanted for Christmas and my cousin Savannah started acting very strange. Whenever we got home, I asked my mom why Savannah was acting like that, and then she told me the truth. I took it very hard. My heart was crushed by the fairy tale I had believed in all my life.”

Mallory Crites

“I was in the fifth grade when I found out he wasn’t real. I was at my house setting in my big green chair with my mom and grandma and I was telling them about Heath’s story he read in class, and how he said Santa Claus wasn’t real. I asked my mom and she called my grandma to talk to me. When I asked her she asked me “well what do you think?” So I told her I didn’t know what to believe because of what Heath said. Then she finally told me that he wasn’t real. I was devastated.”

Josh Freeman

“I was in the third grade when I found out. I was at home and my grandma asked me to get her purse from her trunk, and when I went to get it I found my main present that I asked for. Then I got that same present from Santa for Christmas. It gave it away.”

Dalis Harlan

“It was the day of Christmas eve and I wanted to know if Santa was real, so the whole day I watched my mom to see what she was doing. That evening my mom kept on going to her room to the living room and it got a little suspicious, so I asked her for her signature. The next morning I compared Santa’s signature with hers and it looked the same. Then I put two and two together and found out he wasn’t real.”

Katelyn Pittman

“I found out Santa wasn’t real when he didn’t eat my cookies and milk I left him.”

Karla Marroquin

“Cesar and I saw colorful wrapping paper in my mom’s closet and the toys we had asked for, and the next morning we got the same presents from Santa Claus.”

Brittany Ryan

“My brother told me that Santa Claus wasn’t real. I was very heart broken.”

Becka Bowen

“I got up to get a drink of water on Christmas Eve and I saw my mom putting gifts under the tree. Then the next morning the gifts she put under the tree were from Santa.”

Matt Hampton

“I stayed up waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve and I didn’t see him. So I knew he wasn’t real.”

Erika Davis

“On Christmas Eve I went out to my mom’s car and found my presents and I asked her about it and then she told me the truth.”