Students Recount New Experiences While Traveling


Alicia Guajardo , Writer

Ask any BIC student what their favorite season is and they’ll say summer.  Some might use summer as a chance to sleep in, play video games, or get a summer job, but these students chose to travel the world. 

One such student who opted for summer traveling was Adelynn Smith, who went to New York City with her family. “It was my first time being in New York and it was very crowded and the people there moved very fast. ” said Smith. While there, Adelynn also spent time in Time Square and the Empire State Building.

 “My favorite part of New York was the subway because it was a different type of transportation and watching the random actions of people was interesting.” Adelynn also enjoyed the ride to the Statue of Liberty. She boarded a Statue Cruises ferry and sailed on to the Statue. 

Another student that chose to travel this summer was 8th grader Olivia Duffel, who chose to go to Cancun, Mexico during the brief break from school. Olivia spent time with her family and had an amazing time while there. 

“Swimming with dolphins was definitely the highlight of my trip. We were taught various hand motions that would make the dolphins do tricks, and we got to ride on their backs. I’ve never got to experience something like that before, being up close with such a big animal.” 

Junior Presley Gathright got to travel internationally. She visited Florence  ,Rome ,Crete and Greece. Her favorite part was Greece because of the natural beauty of the area, said Gathright.  She described her trip as adventurous and exciting because going overseas allowed her to break out of her comfort zone.

“I was really scared about international travel, I actually didn’t really want to go. I was worried about leaving home for so long. It was worth it in the end, though, because I got to experience things I would never be able to experience anywhere else,” said Gathright.