Students heading to the polls

JILLIAN KEY – Hoof Prints Staff

A lot of conversations occur in the hallway of a high school. Where a student purchased their new Nike 6.0s, how they downloaded the new iPhone software or even small talk about the Mustangs basketball game the night before. But how many of our high school students are discussing the presidential debate?

Several seniors are preparing themselves for first time voting this month. It all began on September 19 when members of the American Association of University Women came to register those eligible. To be eligible one must be 18 years of age.

Senior, Emily Owens, was one of the first to head to the student lounge to register. Students were instructed to go there if they were 18 and wanted to vote. Classmates and parents quickly encouraged Emily to register. Emily has intentions on voting for Romney and reminds other voters that “every vote counts.”

Another senior frantic to reach the voting polls is Brittany Fowler. Unlike Emily, Brittany has always known she has wanted to vote ever since being influenced by her dad and knowing that voting is a big deal in her household. To prepare herself for voting, Brittany watches the debates and discusses them with her dad, Stan Fowler.

“If you have the ability to vote, then you should. Just make sure you know what is going on and don’t vote randomly,’ said Fowler.

Along with these two, Clay Turner is also heading to the polls as soon as he is able to vote for this years presidential election. It all began the day he received his licence and then after, decided he could finally vote this fall.

Clay has prepared himself for voting by watching “The Five”, three days a week beginning at 4 P.M. along with the debates. “The Five” consists of several Republicans and Democrats discussing problems occurring the United States along with showing both sides and point-of-views.

Clay first decided to vote throughout the media, family, and knowing his duty as an American citizen. He has plans to vote for Governor Mitt Romney because he believes that is who can fix America for the better.