Student Council members learn to Lead Out Loud

Mrs. Leah Gathright, student council sponsor, and four other student council members attended the 8th Annual High School Leadership Day on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at ASU. These members were Jenna Pike, Jenny Walker, Michel Beaird and Shelby Qualls.

This year, Arkansas State encouraged members to Lead Out Loud. The event was organized to educate, motivate and excite the members to be productive and creative leaders. There was a series of workshop sessions, a keynote speaker, competitive games and networking opportunities. There was also an advisors only meeting for Mrs. Leah where they exchanged ideas and helpful tips for different aspects for student council.

Keynote speaker, Troy Stende’s performance astonished Michel Beaird. Stende asked for a volunteer to assist him while talking about going through with their goals. He then took out a real arrow with a steel tip and held it to the middle of a girl’s neck. Then he told her to take a big step towards him and the arrow shattered into pieces. “Oh yeah, it was crazy,” stated Beaird. “It was great. We will go back…if they let us,” stated Mrs. Leah.