Streep doesn’t disappoint in “Ricki”

Cadyn Qualls


Putting herself in the skin of countless personae, from respected and endearing mother figures to an audacious, power-hungry fashionista- Meryl Streep has yet to disappoint and continues her successful streak in the 2015 film, “Ricki and the Flash.”

Streep, playing the lead role of the carefree rock n’ roll enthusiast, Ricki, who abandoned her husband and three young children in hopes of making it big as a musical artist, brings light-hearted humor to the film that focuses on the internal conflict faced by each of the characters. Ricki returns to face her family after years of avoiding contact when her only daughter attempts to commit suicide after suffering a sudden divorce. Not only does the family have to cope with this news, they also have to process the reappearance of the mother who ran out on them during the most vital years of growing up.

This film conveys the concepts of forgiveness, acceptance, and perseverance. It was beautifully done and well-worth seeing again.