Spanish classes frustrating students

Spanish classes


Callyn Bird (left) and Catherine Colbert read over their lessons in Spanish II.


Change. Sometimes something changes and becomes overwhelming, frustrating, and just annoying. Many students have this opinion about the new Spanish II class format.

“Most of us have A’s and B’s but we have no idea what we’re doing,” said Bailey Owens.

In the past years, the Distance Learning Center was used to teach Spanish classes, but this year, since the DLC will be shutting down soon, schools all over are trying something new.

This new way of learning is called Virtual Arkansas. This online blackboard collaborative is an online Spanish course, where not only the work, but the teacher is online. Students have a webcam attached to the top of their computer screen so that they can turn it on and meet with the teacher every once in awhile. This online class allows students to work at their own pace.

“The Spanish II class is offered through Virtual Arkansas. It is a web based course with the ability to engage with their instructor by using online applications,” said Robbyn Johnson.

“I think it’s exciting and new and different,” said Marti Peel.

The students, on the other hand, do not view the class the same way the facilitators do.

“There’s been a couple people talk about how it’s going to make them cry and Spanish is going to be the death of them, but I’m just kind of like ‘I hate this class,’” said Greydon Williams.

“The hardest part is the fact that we’re supposed to be learning Spanish and the lessons are in Spanish, so I don’t see how I’m expected to read something in Spanish when I don’t even know Spanish,” said Greydon.

This seems to be the most aggravating to a majority of the students taking the class. Also, the fact that there is no live teacher in the room plays a major role in many students hating the new online class.

“I think Spanish II is bound for failure, that’s what I think,” said Greydon.