Shell shocked sophomores adjust to senior high

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints staff

Do you remember your first day of high school? The sophomores of the 09-10 school year don’t believe they will ever forget this day.

Lauren Roddy couldn’t wait for her first day. She remembers being so excited, but once she walked through those double doors, she was in a completely different world.  She admits to feeling nervous at first, but she now feels comfortable in the long hallway.

Many students enjoy the idea of being a high school student.  Cesar Marroquin, however; expressed how much he missed junior high.  “The classes are hard here and my schedule stinks”, Marroquin said.  Even though he feels as though high school is overwhelming, he likes the fact that he doesn’t get lost in the building.

At the beginning of school, students always make a first impression. Whether it is good or bad, it will follow students throughout their high school career. Not only do students make impressions on their teachers, but the teenagers also judge their teachers. Amber Rolland had a good first impression of Mrs. Cornish, her English teacher.  “She teaches me exactly what I need to know”, said Rolland.

High school is the last chapter of a student’s life before he or she becomes an “adult”.  For some, graduation can’t come soon enough. However, for others, high school is the time of their lives.

Kevin Lambert has just begun his sophomore year, but he is already dreaming about being a senior.  “I’m looking forward to graduating,” Lambert said.  He was also excited about starting high school because it meant he only had three more years of school.

Starting high school will forever be an entertaining and unforgettable experience.  From new teachers, to new students, it is no wonder why high school has intimidated so many young faces.  Every year, rookies come in, and three years later, they leave as veterans.  It has matured millions of teenagers over the years.  Even though it might be intimidating and challenging at times, high school is a memory that will last a lifetime.