Seth Stovall


Alissa Hughes

“It brings a lot of joy to me when I play my instruments because I get to experience a lot and have a lot of fun with what I do and what I believe I’ll do in the future. I’ve been writing music for a year and a half now, around the same time I started playing guitar, and its excelled greatly I think. I have written anywhere between twenty-five and twenty-seven songs of my own. I like to write music because there’s a lot of things that happen in life and I either want remembrance of it or some bad things happen and people want to express their feelings about it, so I put it in a song. I do want to learn violin, cello, and many other instruments you could play in an orchestra. I don’t plan on putting them on stage but I think it would be very fun to be able to dabble around with them and see what good songs I could write with those instruments. I’ve had Elvis to inspire me along with The Beatles, Bon Jovi, several hard rock bands, and many good blues players who have played guitar their whole lives. My favorite genre of music is classic rock and Bon Jovi is my favorite artist so that plays a big part in my inspiration and love of music. I have a band. My band is called Breaking the Sound Barrier. We call ourselves BSB, for short. I mainly hope that we stick with what we’re doing right now and can make people happy. Along the way I want us to be able to remember and thank God for what he’s given us. We don’t play any gigs, yet, but we’re working on it and hope to have some performances really soon.”