Senioritis: is it just for seniors?

Brianna Lambert


Senioritis takes a toll on nearly all seniors as their high school career comes to a close. But does it only affect the seniors? After a certain point in the year, students of all ages begin to feel the stress and fatigue of class bearing down on them. With all of the homework, tests, and essays, almost every student is counting down the days until Summer makes its presence known.

For senior Beau Weeks, graduation couldn’t come soon enough. “I’ve spent the majority of my life in school and I’d rather get out a try something new.” While some seniors are ready to escape the stress of high school, others are wanting the year to slow down.


“At the beginning of this year, I was like ‘I’m a senior, I’m ready to graduate and do adult things,” but now that it’s coming closer, I don’t want it to happen. I want to go back,” Curston Davis, 12, said. While reminiscing on the memories of her senior year, Davis has decided to pass on some advice to sophomores and juniors on their way to join the BIC Alumni.


“Cherish every moment. Cherish everything. Cherish your first ACT score. Cherish your friendships because you don’t know who your friends are going to be ten years down the road,” Davis said.


Although some of the seniors are begging time to slow its pace, the sophomores and juniors of BIC seem to be doing just the opposite. “I’m trying to just end the year on a high note so my summer’s great and my junior year starts off even better,” Ethan Webster, 10, said.


It may seem as Webster has good vibes about coming back next year, but in reality, senioritis has hit the sophomore hard. “I’m so ready for my senior year. I’m ready to be out of here, and ready to be able to go wherever I want,” Webster said.  


Senioritis takes a toll on the entire school, even those who are years away from graduating. Many students are ready to graduate and go straight to college, starting a new independent life on their own. However, other students are watching as their high school careers slip away from them, wanting to go back relive their memories they’ve made with their friends throughout the years.