Rose takes the plunge for ALS


Greydon Williams

Principal Randy Rose accepts the ALS ice bucket challenge from the cheerleaders.

Olevia Hughes

On Thursday students quickly ate their lunch and headed back to the lounge to ensure a prime viewing spot. As they made their way to the front lawn, the most common question to staff members was, “Can we use our phones to record it?”

Phones ready, they picked their spot, being careful to maintain a safe distance from the action. Then it happened.

Principal Randy Rose took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being challenged by the high school cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Hannah Harrell said they challenged him after their own experience.

“We were challenged as a team and the team decided it would be fun and a good way to get the word out to the local kids and get them more involved,” Harrell said. “We also knew Mr. Rose would be a good sport about it .”

Mr. Rose said that given the popularity of the social media craze, he knew it was a matter of time before he had to take the plunge.

”I knew someone would eventually challenge me, but I didn’t really expect it to be them,” he said. “I drive their bus a lot so I wasn’t super surprised that it was them In fact, I just as soon it be them than anyone else. It all goes to a good cause anyway.”

Rose didn’t accept the challenge purely for student enjoyment, however.

“I did it in memory of a lady I went to church with, a really really sweet lady, who suffered from ALS and passed away from it around three years ago,” he said.

This really sweet lady he mentioned was a local lady, Dottie Cobb, who he mentioned in the video as well.

Preparing for the event consisted of Rose adding three bags of ice to soapy water that he got from the high school cleaning sink and suppressing the natural urge to shout colorful words when the cold hit.

“I was thinking, don’t let a bad word slip, because it was extremely cold,” he said.