Q and A with the King and Queen: Koby Rodriguez  and Hailie Roberts 


What was your reaction when they announced both or your names for winning King and Queen?


Hailie- I didn’t really expect to win, I honestly thought that two other people were going to win. I was very excited that my classmates voted for me. I would like to thank my classmates for voting for me. 


Koby- Winning King was very exciting and awesome for me. 


How was your experience during the dance portion of the  Prom?


Haile- It was very fun at first, everyone was dancing and having a good time. Towards the end everyone started leaving and it started getting a little boring. My overall experience with the dance was that it was fun.


Koby- The dance was fun and interesting. The music was good but wasn’t the type of music I would listen to on the daily. 


How was your experience finding a dress that fit for you?


Hailie- Finding a dress was very stressful because I had a dress for last year’s prom that I was going to wear this year, but the dress did not fit so I had to find a dress within a week which was extremely stressful.