Q and A with Riley Hill


Myste Champion , Writer

-Why did you decide to show livestock for Buffalo Island Central? “I started showing livestock because animals were something that always interested me and it was a way to be more involved with them.”

-What are some things you enjoy about showing? “Some things I enjoy about showing are the people you meet, the responsibilities, and the feeling of knowing you worked hard and trained that animal.”

-Are there things you don’t enjoy about showing? “‘One thing I don’t like about showing is the early hours.I had to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning when I showed in Fayetteville this year.”

-What are some responsibilities you have to partake in to show the animals? “Some responsibilities that come with showing are making sure your animal is fed and watered every morning and night, making sure it stays healthy, and working with it everyday.”

-Would you recommend more students to show? Why or why not? “I would recommend everyone to show an animal at least once because it is such a rewarding experience to take part in and teaches a lot of life skills.

-How long have you showed for and do you plan on showing until you graduate? “I have been showing since about 8th grade and plan to show until I’m not allowed to anymore.”