Promposals on Trend at BIC


Katie Lawrence, Author

The shock, the smiles, and the hugs that follow a promposal surprise are becoming common sites at BIC.  Promposals have blown up on social media in the past years, and Instagram feeds are sure to be filled with these sweet, yet cheesy pictures come early spring.  The idea of “promposals” is that one student will “propose” to take their significant other or friend to their school’s prom.


Buffalo Island Central is not behind on this trend.  As prom season grows near, the halls of BIC buzz with the talk and action of “promposals.”  Love is in the air as upperclassmen make preparations for March 29th, the night of prom.


Ladies flock to get to the dress stores before all the good ones are gone, and guys share the typical apprehension of tuxedo shopping.  Nonetheless, the students at Buffalo Island consider the most important factor to be a perfect promposal. Some make posters, but some get even more creative; making puns and creating laughter for a definite ‘yes.’  Boys arrange plans and girls shriek with happiness as they now have their dream dates for prom. Seniors and juniors at BIC have been ready for the night soon to come for as long as they can remember.

Given the original ideas for promposals that have already made an appearance, Prom 2019 will truly be a magical night for everyone.