Prom plans underway

JESSICA TURNER – Hoof Prints Staff


Prom will be on April 10 this year. Mr. Steve Brummet is the junior class sponsor and Ana Meza is the president of the junior class. How is prom funded?  Ana Meza says, “We pay for prom from the money from events like the Blue-Gray game, the valentine balloons, and even some money we have from the last year.”  So far the junior class currently has around $4,000.


Prom normally has a theme and this year’s theme is “A Taste of Paris.”  Last years theme for prom was “Midnight Masquerade,” which was sponsored by Mr. Lynn Smith. Smith has never missed a prom since he’s been at Buffalo Island Central.  Last year was his forty-third prom. He said after paying for the food, the DJ and the decorations, the class spent around $3,700. Mr. Smith also said he loved being a sponsor and that it was always fun to start with a basic idea and turn it into something wonderful.


When prom comes students usually dress up in formals like dresses and tuxedos.  Sometimes students arrive in limos or their own vehicles.


Prom has activities like the father daughter dance, karaoke, and line dances. Students say that a highlight of last year’s prom was the chocolate fountain with many choices to dip in. Prom is usually held in the West Elementary cafeteria.


With just a few weeks before the big event, prom excitement is building each day.