Prom on a budget – can it be done?


Shyla Clayton and Stephanie Atchley

The price for girls to look stunning at prom can astronomical. The costs can seem endless after looking at all that girls have to get done in order to look acceptable at prom. Between hair, makeup and the expense of a dress, prom can seem out of reach for some. However, there are affordable options available. It all depends on where a girl goes to get dolled up.

Katherine Clowers, owner of Sassy Scissors at Leachville, charges $65 for hair and $35 for makeup. She charges $85 for both the hair and makeup. Clowers also offers tanning a month prior to prom for $45.

Briana Brock, of Candie’s Beauty shop in Leachville, charges a slightly lower price, with hair costing $30, makeup $10, and spray tans for $15.

Hair-tech Beauty College at Paragould, charges $20 for hair and $5 for makeup. Another college at Paragould, Arkansas Academy of Hair Design, does hair for $11.50 and makeup for $5.

Beautiful You, a beauty shop in Jonesboro, charges $60 for both hair and makeup. They do hair for $35, makeup for $45, and $25 for a spray tan.

Prices vary for many reasons, the colleges are cheaper since trainees are doing a girl’s hair and makeup while the beauty shops charge more because they are professionally trained and do this for a living.

Dresses are also another cost of going to prom that can get pricey. One way to avoid spending thousands on a brand new gown would be to get a gown that has been slightly used.  

Used dresses can still be in great condition with the only difference being the huge gap in cost.  Girls can save hundreds of dollars by just buying a dress from someone who has only worn a dress once.

One option for finding a dress would be looking through the NEA Formalwear page found on Facebook.  With almost 18,000 members, it shouldn’t be hard to find a dress that is appealing without spending an excessive amount of money.

Another option to find a dress that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money would be second-hand stores.  These stores also sell many dresses in good condition that while they have been used are still not going to cost near as much as some first-hand dresses can get.


Plato’s Closet in Jonesboro has limited options, but they are not pricey at all, including the pink and black gown, which costs $14.


Triple T in Paragould also has some different options, including the purple gown costing $45 and the blue gown costing $32.


Another second hand store, the Rocking Rooster in Paragould, has multiple options including the orange, yellow and black and white gown, which all were $20 or less.


The costs of prom can vary. You just need to know where to look.