Pinteresting, very pinteresting

MORGAN BARNES – Hoof Prints Staff

A group of girls stand in the hallway. Their animated conversation can be overheard from several steps away. Each girl listens closely. A shocked look appears on their faces as one girl exclaims, “Oh my gosh, what a great idea!”

What could be so awesome? Maybe it was a prank they were planning. Maybe they were planning a Christmas party. More than likely they were planning their wedding on Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online pin board recently discovered by girls all across the school. The ideas on Pinterest range from cooking ideas to holiday crafts. Many girls are greatly impressed with wedding reception ideas, including Jessica Clark.

Jessica has recently discovered beautiful wedding dresses, cute picture frame ideas, table decorations, flower pedal entrance ways, and even picture poses with bridesmaids. Jessica’s favorite wedding idea she has found is the memory jar. The memory jar is a mason jar filled with colorful slips of paper including a memorable event that has happened to the married couple.

“I think the memory jar is a great idea,” Jessica said. “It is a great way to look back and remember all the good and maybe even the bad times they’ve had together to help their relationship grow.”

Jessica is not the only one that has discovered this popular website. Sophomore Coral Burke has also taken a liking to the online pin board. As Coral was scrolling through Pinterest, she saw a recipe for a layered cake topped with M&M’s and circled with Kit Kat bars.

“I had to make that cake,” Coral said. “It looked amazing.”

Shortly after discovering the recipe, the cake was made and looked just as it did online. Coral could not help but tell someone about what she had discovered.

“Pinterest is awesome, “ Kayley Hawkins said. “I’m so glad Coral told me about it.”

Pinterest is getting around and getting pretty addicting. These girls believe it will become even more popular than Facebook and even Twitter. Jessica and Coral admit to being addicted to Pinterest.

“I thought Facebook was addicting,” Jessica said, “but Pinterest is ten times worse.”