Peanut pyros in science class

Science education

Hunter Drury burns a peanut to test the number of calories it takes to burn it off. “It was really cool because we got to burn a one calorie peanut, but my group made the flame way too big,” he said.


It was like any other day in Mrs. McFall’s class until an eccentric science professor showed up.

Dr. Craig Wilson from the Future Scientists Program came to Mrs. Mandy McFall unexpectedly before school began and was prepared to stay for the entire day. Mrs. McFall had corresponded with Dr. Wilson via email, but she didn’t realize that he was coming to BIC that day.

Dr. Wilson came prepared with many unique experiments and exhibits that kept students engaged throughout the day. Students got the opportunity to make a film canister rocket, holding a bat.

“I didn’t want to touch it because it was dead and scary,” Valeria Vasquez said about the bat.

Among other things that Dr. Wilson brought were elephant dung, hissing cockroaches, and chemical mixtures.

“The elephant dung was ‘dried by the African sun,’” McFall said.