One unforgettable girl

Kelsey Strickland

Kelsey Strickland’s trunk holds many items from her younger step-brother.

(Editor’s note-Hoof Prints staff recently checked out the purses, lockers and cars of students to see how the contents of these spaces give insight to the owners)


Anyone who knows Kelsey Strickland knows that she is an easy-going girl who loves to play sports. If she is not on the court you will find her spending time with her step-brother or hanging out with friends.

“He’s awesome because he love Batman and The Avengers and stuff like that so I have that stuff for him,” Kelsey said.

She will do a lot of things for her step-brother.  She has even gone as far as carrying much of his stuff in the back of her car. Kelsey is a very funny, loud, outgoing, energetic, and bubbly person. She is always a fun person to be around. She is always the one to walk into a room and change the mood from dull and boring to exciting and bright. Needless to say, she is a very unique person.

Everything that was found in her car can show what type of person she is. Things such as clothes and shoes show that she is just a normal girl. Things like her softball bag and her basketball equipment shows that she is a hard working athlete, and all of the toys and games show that she is a very good older sister.

Kelsey is the type of person to always be playing sports. In the summertime she is on the softball field playing pick-up games with her friends for fun, or in ball games against other teams. In the winter months she plays basketball for the school. She always enjoys playing the sport no matter what it is.

During games that she does not play in, she is always found in the stands cheering as loud as she can and making as much noise as possible for the Mustangs. She is often one of the loudest people in the crowd. She may not be in the game, but her presence is always evident by those around her. Clearly, she brings excitement and enthusiasm to any event she attends.

“I’m just a loud person, and I like that,” she said.