New Sonic shakes a dairy disaster

Cadyn Qualls and Kensie Walker


Kensie Walker

Sonic’s new shake flavors are put to the ultimate test by our reviewers.

Cadyn Qualls and Kensie Walker


The Sonic Drive-In restaurants have recently expanded their diverse menu of frozen treats. Six unique milkshake flavors have been added to the long list of options – consisting of 17 other flavors offered. With many different opinions of these new shakes circulating, student journalists Kensie Walker and Cadyn Qualls decided to form some of their own, trying all six of the master shakes in one night.

The first shake critiqued is the buttered toffee.

Cadyn: Though it takes a few seconds to affect the taste buds, it quickly makes up for the delay – overwhelming the tongue with the rich taste of butterscotch, and a lasting, sweet aftertaste. It is slightly stout, yet hard to set down.  For anyone who enjoys butterscotch or rich sweets, this is definitely the perfect treat!

Kensie: Personally, I’m not a fan of toffee, and I’m definitely not a fan of this shake! It was a bit too rich and a bit too buttery for my liking.  

The next shake tasted is the bourbon brown sugar.

Cadyn: The taste of brown sugar mixed with oak-barrel aged bourbon flavor is simply too overwhelming to enjoy and not a good mixture. I would not suggest this milkshake to anyone.

Kensie: This shake was honestly flavorless. It wasn’t until the aftertaste that I realized that it was definitely not the right combination of flavors.

After a quick mouth wash, the dulce de leche, is cautiously sipped.

Cadyn: Surprisingly, this wasn’t too bad. The taste of sweetened condensed leaves it with a short aftertaste, but it’s not unbearable. It wouldn’t be my first pick, but it also wouldn’t be my last.

Kensie: This was basically just a glorified caramel shake. It’s not something that I would ever have a craving for, but if I had no other choice of milkshakes, I suppose it wouldn’t be too terrible.

The dark chocolate quickly brings a tinge of disappointment and breaks the heavy anticipation.

Cadyn: I generally am excited about tasting anything with chocolate, but this was a let down. The amount of chocolate in the shake is way too much, and I don’t think there should be four different types included – especially not cocoa. If I hadn’t known otherwise, I wouldn’t even know there is ice cream in this.

Kensie:  There was a very odd texture to this shake, and it really made me cringe. I expect a chocolate shake to be rich, but this was on an entirely different level. I wouldn’t recommend this shake to my worst enemy.

Despite its title, the wildberry and lavender is far from refreshing.

Cadyn: It wouldn’t have such an odd taste without the lavender. The blackberries and strawberries are fresh and dispersed throughout the shake evenly, but the strong lavender taste  basically overpowers them.

Kensie:  At the first sip, I really thought this shake had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, after the flavor fully set in, I realized how bad it really was. I thought the lavender flavor would be a nice twist, but, in the end, it was incredibly disappointing.

The taste taste was finished off with a simple vanilla bean milkshake, settling the tongues and restoring some hope within the two girls.

Cadyn: You almost can’t go wrong with something so simple and classic. This was fresh, light, and the right fix for a sweet tooth. It isn’t too much or not little. This is just right.

Kensie: This certainly wasn’t the worst of the six shakes, but I’ve had much better vanilla shakes in my lifetime. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it, but I’m not totally against it.