Mustang MMADdness


Jay Ivy and Elizabeth Wilder

When most people hear the word “mad” they typically associate it with ideas of separation and differences. What if the word “mad” was instead associated with thoughts of peace? Friendship? Family?  Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Ellen Cable, is making great strides in accomplishing this along with various students from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. A growing organization at Buffalo Island Central, this developing family goes by the name of “MMAD.”


Popularly known as the kind teacher standing outside her room to greet students , Mrs. Cable created MMAD with the simple intentions of making a positive difference by encouraging students and reaching out to those who need it.


“MMAD is about making a difference – a positive difference – and getting students as well as teachers to look on the positive side. We’re the mustangs, a family so to speak.We are the BIC High school and every one of us has to come every day whether we want to or not. Why not make it the best we can as opposed to making it a bad place to come?” she stated.
MMAD was created to uplift and encourage students to be the best they can be and the happiest person they can make themselves. “Everyday is what you make it,”she continued, “and MMAD makes every day count.”