Mustang mascot making its way to the MAC

Drake Pipkin demonstrates the skills that helped to secure his spot as the new Mustang mascot.

CLAY TURNER – Hoof Prints Staff

“What are you doing here?” was the question circulating, and in some cases, surfacing when cheerleaders realized a boy was at cheerleading tryouts for the first time ever.

“They didn’t take me seriously when I told them I was auditioning this year.” Drake Pipkin said. After being the only boy to try out and successfully complete a herky, he was asked to be mascot of the team. He refused at first, but he eventually accepted. Thus, the first mascot for Buffalo Island Central was born.

Initially skeptical about a male member of the spirit squad, the cheerleaders now seem to be on board. “He has the qualities necessary,” cheerleader Emily Harrell said. “He’s funny, friendly, and outgoing which is what a mascot needs.”

Courtney Garrett also noted that Pipkin’s energetic nature has helped them already. “Whenever we got nervous (at tryouts) he would cheer us up with his herky,” she said.

While the school has never had a mascot, Pipkin said the time has come for one. “I agree we need one. I don’t think the cheerleaders lack enthusiasm, I just think a mascot will connect more with people, especially kids,” he said.

“I’m for it 100 percent! Our school gets into our basketball activities all the time. Our crowd interacts well with the cheerleaders, so I think I mascot would work, too,” Garrett said.

This year, it seems Buffalo Island Central will get a taste of something different. Drake Pipkin believes he is perfect for the job and so do many others.

Already Pipkin has acknowledged that it takes a special person to fill the hooves of the Mustang mascot. “It needs to raise school school spirit and morale and has to be able to take heat because it’s going to be hot in that suit,” he said.