Mrs. Cable


Makayla Cole, Journalist

“It’s been a real long journey from 2011 when I first started chemo. As a teacher I channeled all of that into my students. I created Mustangs Making a Difference with a goal of everybody trying to be more positive and trying to be more caring. It makes me feel better as a teacher that I can help students to move forward and make a better life for themselves learning math. One of the most difficult things for me being a math teacher is when the students first walk in with their mind already set. They already think they hate math. I’ve had to separate that from hating math and not hating the teacher. I’ve made my class not only humorous but also always centered around math to show them it’s not all that bad. I hope I will succeed and make everyone feel like a family within the school. If I can make all the students feel as if they are a true mustang then I think I have succeeded as a teacher, and it makes me happy.”