Lunch Lines Grow at BIC


Makayla Cole, Writer

In 2010, the  US Department of Agriculture (USDA)  reinforced its proposal of healthy foods within America’s education system. Since then, schools have avoided unhealthy food and promoted nutritional alternatives. While a majority of students haven’t been eager to accept this change, one business in particular, Aramark, has provided satisfying foods all while following the new food laws, making the transition easier.

With the 2018 school year introducing a new and updated school building, Buffalo Island Central is also proudly boasting their new and improved lunch menu with Aramark Food Service. At the end of the last semester, students were able to experience this upgraded lunch for the first time. From this first encounter, students have been eager to hand over the change within their pockets for access to these options.

School administrators determined that this would be the best option for BIC based on positive feedback they received. The service provides the students with healthy food while maintaining the school’s budget. Many students agree the food has improved since Aramark has taken over.

“I really like the new school lunch because there are more choices now. If you didn’t like the lunch before, you just didn’t eat. Now there are several choices and we can also purchase sodas now too. I think it’s a change for the better.”  said senior, Lizette Vasquez.

It also offers the opportunity to enter fifth hour completely full. Before, students were often hungry by the end of the day due to small portions and lack of extra food offered. Now, students pay $2.75 for a meal consisting of one hot entree, two vegetables, a beverage, and two fruits. Students can also purchase ala carte items such as chips, cookies, and rice krispie treats for no more than a dollar. If that isn’t enough to satisfy their hunger, they can purchase an additional entree for only two dollars.

The hot items available include pizza, cheeseburgers, nachos, and chickens sandwiches. These newly introduced options have kept students coming back for more, being a far cry from stereotypical lunchroom foods. It’s no secret that school lunches are the part of schools that often draw the most criticism, but the students of BIC hope this new arrangement will make for a better all-around school experience.