Lil Yachty Starts Something New

Lil Yachty Starts Something New

Jackson McCoy


Lil Yachty is a rapper infamous for his involvement in the mumble rap movement. In his newest album, Let’s Start Here, Yachty tries something completely different from the rest of his discography and the rap genre as a whole. He takes a psychedelic feel to his rap style which culminates in an album unlike any other. Let’s Start Here isn’t a perfect album but it still manages to keep your attention the entire time. 


Let’s Start Here has one of the best intros to an album I have ever heard. It perfectly introduces the psychedelic influences of the album. The song starts off with an unconventional guitar rhythm and a trippy base line ,which combine to form a song that makes you feel like you’re floating. The intro “the BLACK seminole” has clear influences from “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd; In the last two minutes, singer Diana Gordon lets out jaw dropping vocals which concisely wrap up the song as an incredible Intro.


The worst part of this album is the voice of Lil Yachty.  His strange autotune style clashes with the instrumentals in almost all of the songs on the album. Because of this, the atmosphere in some of the songs is just completely ruined. The other major problem with this album is the lack of depth in the majority of the songs, although the mixing is complex and interesting the lyrics are very basic and simple the majority of the time, leaving the listener feeling underwhelmed at times. 


One of the worst points in this album is the song “the ride-.” It has the worst parts of this album’s sound combined into one horrible amalgamation of a song. Its lyrics are extremely simple,  it repeats the chorus too many times, and Lil Yachty’s voice is also especially obnoxious on this track. Worst of all, it doesn’t have the good parts of this album’s sound, its beat is very basic and doesn’t fit the vibe of the album.


In Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start here the title announces Yachty’s new era in music. Yachty’s new phase is definitely my favorite phase of music he has released, and although this album has some of the same problems as his previous projects , it certainly introduces his new psychedelic style in an excellent way that leaves us wanting more.