Leachville Youth Soccer Offers a Chance to Grow


Kathleen Roblero

One of the many exciting new opportunities for kids in the Buffalo Island area is a youth soccer team that is operating in Leachville. The teams are made up of students ranging from ages 5-10 years old, broken up into different age groups. This new organization  has provided a great opportunity for more students to be involved in their local community.


BIC teacher Matthew Sills took on the responsibility of coaching a team this year.


“I think playing on a team is great for the kids because it teaches them about hard work and how to work together.  They also learn how to handle winning and losing,” said Sills.


Jozelyn Diaz, 10 years old, plays a defensive position on the team.


When asked about her favorite part of playing soccer, Jozelyn said, “The best thing about playing soccer is that I get to make new friends.  I like playing because I get to learn about the sport and have fun while doing it.”


The team recently played their first real game, and they did great. The kids had a lot of fun and are excited to play many more games in the future.