Kensie Walker


Cadyn Qualls

“I’ve gone through career phases my entire life. It started off with just wanting to do environmental engineering because I love science. I’ve also always been pretty good at math. I thought about that and then went on to biomedical engineering, which would be like building prosthetics. I’ve always thought that was very interesting. Being in EAST really showed me that I have a love for technology and innovation and using it to change the world. I love to help the community. That’s what engineering is. It’s very progressive, innovative, and technology based. That’s where my interests are. I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life. Almost every kid looks forward to graduating and getting away, but that’s not really where  I am coming from. I just want to become my own person and find out who I am. I know I’m going to go through a series of changes.  I’m going to look back and realize these changes I’ve made. I’m really looking forward to seeing who I will become to make the best life possible for myself and the people around me.”