Katie Lawrence


Cadyn Qualls, Editor

“I’ve been flying since I was a little girl, my first time being when I was about two. My dad is a pilot, so he started teaching me when I was ten. We have a good bond. We would work on keeping altitude, hitting direction, and other things like that, and finally, he thought it was time to teach me things about landing. I’ve been working to get the landing down for a very long time. A couple of months ago, I landed a plane by myself for the first time. He was really proud of me. I’ve done it three or four times since then. It’s really crazy to be in control of something that huge. It’s kind of like driving a car for the first time. It’s truly an amazing experience. One time, we flew above the clouds and it was really rainy coming off the ground, but once we got up there, it was like heaven. There was nothing up there but sunshine. It’s crazy, because you look down and it’s like a quilt over the ground. The power lines look like sticks from the ground, and it’s really cool. I plan on being a pilot, and I’m going to take my written test in December if I can, and then take my solo where I’ll land a plane three times when I turn sixteen in February. My birthday is on February 26th, so I’ll get my pilot’s license that morning, and then go get my driver’s license. I flew before I drove. I want to be a flight instructor, and then be a corporate pilot.”