Just Dance 2: just a waste of time

COLBY QUALLS – Hoof Prints Editor

The new version of the popular Wii game Just Dance has been advertised constantly since it became available to consumers. Is it up to all the hype though?

My short and simple answer is neigh.

My family bought a copy of the game the weekend it hit stores. Both of my sisters loved the original version. I decided to try my hand at the game to see why some found it so addicting. After about two or three songs of sporadic moves, I felt mildly bored. The choreographed moves the player is supposed to follow are too easy, too boring, and too cheesy. I would like to see someone at a party break down with these same moves. It would be a disaster.

Also, the actual game play is not accurate. The scoring is determined by the timing of the movements of the Wii remote, not the actual quality of the dancer. Theoretically, someone who is actually dancing their heart out could lose to someone who sat down and just moved the Wii remote. I have actually seen outcomes of games similar to it.

Many dance fans argue that the game is really entertaining though. I have a common sense suggestion to those who like the game. Why don’t you just play random music on a stereo and have someone judge the dance competition? The game is just dancing to random, popular music. I don’t see why someone would pay for that when you can do it for free. It would also probably be more creative and fun if people were supposed to devise their own steps.

Ultimately, the game is just a creation of corporations in an attempt to take your money with little effort on their part. Unfortunately, they are successful. The game is fairly popular and most will buy this on impulse without any thought. Don’t get me wrong either, the game is not horrible. It is mildly entertaining at times. But why pay for mediocre entertainment when you can have fun doing the exact same thing for free?