Juniors Prepare for ACT Exam

Erica Hurst, Editor

This past week,  the Junior class congregated in the library for ACT Preparation.  For the second year in a row, BIC welcomed a professional’s expertise on this ever important standardized test.  The free tutoring was provided to all BIC Juniors in the hopes that students would increase their ACT scores.


Buffalo Island’s high school counselor Mandy McFall thinks that there are many advantages of using this system.


“I think it’s a very good thing for students who have never taken the test before, so they can get a practice test.  The ACT is a knowledge-based test, but there’s also a lot of tricks. This is a good experience for students to get to know some of those tricks,” McFall said.


This year, the school district welcomed Jackie D. Gorham, a representative from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, to speak with the students about the proper way to take the test.  Gorham came prepared with educational slideshows, practice tests, and helpful tips. Students took notes over the individual sections (english, mathematics, reading, and science) and then used a practice booklet to help students get acquainted with the experience.


This course came one week before the mandated ACT that all juniors are now required to take. For the second year in a row, all Arkansan eleventh graders have had an opportunity to take one free ACT exam.  The state hopes that the students will use this chance to raise their ACT scores and increase the overall access to collegiate education.


Junior Katie Lawrence was receptive to this training.


“I appreciate the chance to see the ACT before I take the real one.  Being my first time to take the test, I thought the strategies were very helpful” Lawrence said.

The Junior class took their required ACT on February 20th, and anxiously await their scores.