Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: An Allstar Experience


Aiden Nance, Writer

Based off of a japanese manga that started in 1987 called “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, CyberConnect 2 made a game that thrilled all fans of the anime and manga.  This game has amazing character design that is pulled straight from the manga, and the voice acting is good enough to win an award.  Unfortunately if you watched the anime in English, you may not recognise the voice actors as the game is in Japanese, but this is only for the characters. The main menu and translations are in whatever language you need them to be.  


Personally I enjoy playing someone named Josuke because he is a good combo character.  There are other types of characters, such as Speed and Strength, but I prefer the Combo class since they are easy to learn and fun to play.  Almost all of the characters are balanced, but there are some who aren’t which can be annoying sometimes, especially when you play with someone who  just decides to block and spam the same move over and over again.  There is a wide variety when it comes to the move sets of each character, but some characters do the same actions while looking different.


The Story Mode is kind of lacking in the fact that it doesn’t really follow the story of the manga, it’s just a bunch of fights that differ in difficulty and it’s usually not accurate to the characters’ actual strength.  The A.I. is also not made well since it will raise its difficulty level if it loses, which isn’t all that fun to me.  Luckily the Arcade Mode makes up for the Story Mode’s faults.  This mode can either be endless or nine rounds and each round’s difficulty level is determined by your previous performance and past performances.  But the absolute best mode is the Versus mode, in this mode you will fight your friends whether they be at your house or theirs with its online mode. Which can lead to very fun fights and some of the funniest moments you will ever experience.  This is also a great way to learn a new character and master it along with however you wish to play with.  


I have been addicted to this game since it came out and have no plans to stop playing it.  I am determined to master everyone and play this game every chance I get. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fighting games.